MDC3500 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

Principle:  Optical Turbidity

Method: Clotting Method, Immunoturbidimetric Method, Chromogenic Substrate Method; Cover all Coagulation Programs.
Speed: Max PT:300T/H
Wave Length: 405nm, 575nm, 660nm, 800nm LED Light Source for Option
Sample bit: 80 sample bits(75 standard bits, 5 prioritized emergency bits)
Emergency Function: 5 emergency rooms, flexible two STAT emergency functions, emergency sample priority detection; sample position can be arbitrarily set to emergency position, batch emergency specimens can be inserted at any time.
Reagent bit: 36 reagents: 6 reagents at room temperature, 30 reagents at ≤10°C, 24 hours continuous refrigeration
Micro-sampling: Minimum 5μl sample size
Light Source: LED light + filter
Barcode reading: Both the reagent bottle and the test tube rack are provided with barcode
Interface: RS232 interface for bidirectional communication
Printing: External PC printer