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Cystatin C

Cystatin C

Cys C is reacted with a buffer and anti-Cys C coated latex to form the antibody-antigen complex. The extent of the turbidity is measured as the amount of light ...

Cystatin C



When an antigen-antibody reaction occurs between NGAL in a sample and anti-NGAL antibody which has been coated to latex particles, agglutination results. This a...




Undiluted sample is added to a buffer containing antibody specific for human serum albumin. The absorbance (340 nm) of the resulting turbid solution is proporti...


Products List
Abbr. Description Method Package Size
CysC Cystatin C

Latex Immunoturbidimetric MethodDouble reagent


Latex Immunoturbidimetric MehotdDouble reagent

COR Cortisol

Homogeneous Enzyme Immunoassay Method

Cre Creatinine

Sarcosine Oxidase Method

AMG α1-Microglobulin

Latex Immunoturbidimetric MethodDouble reagent

BMG β2-Microglobulin

Latex Immunoturbidimetric MethodDouble reagent

CRE Creatinine

Sarcosine Oxidase MethodDouble reagent

Picric Acid MethodDouble reagent

mALB Micro-Albumin

Immunoturbidimetric MethodDouble reagent

NAG N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase

MNP - G1CNAc substrate MethodDouble reagent

RBP Retinol Binding Protein

Latex Immunoturbidimetric MethodDouble reagent

UA Uric Acid

Uricase Method - with Ascorbate Oxidase MethodDouble reagent

UA (Anti-VC) Uric Acid

Uricase MethodDouble reagent

UP Urine Total Protein

Pyrogallol Red MethodSingle reagent


Urease-glutamate Dehydrogenase MethodDouble reagent

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