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Potassium is determined enzymatically via potassium-dependant pyruvate kinase activity using phosphoenolpyruvate as substrate.




Sodium is determined enzymatically via sodium dependent β-galactosidase activity with ONPG as substrate. The absorbance at 405 nm of the product O-nitrophenyl ...


Products List
Abbr. Description Method Package Size
CL Chlorine

Amylase MethodDouble reagent

UIBC Unsaturated Iron-Bonding Capacity

Ferene MethodDouble reagent

Ca Calcium

Arsenazo III MethodSingle reagent

CO2 Bicarbonate

PEPC Enzymatic MethodSingle reagent

Cu Copper

PAESA Chromogenic Agent MethodDouble reagent

FE Iron

Ferrozine MethodDouble reagent

K Potassium

Pyruvate Kinase MethodDouble reagent

Mg Magnesium

Xylidyl Blue MethodSingle reagent

Na Sodium

Galactosidase MethodDouble reagent

P Phosphorus Inorganic

Phosphomolybdate MethodSingle reagent

Zn Zinc

PAPS Reagent MethodDouble reagent

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